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5 Buffalo Bills Veterans Who Deserve to Be Cut

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5 Buffalo Bills Veterans Who Deserve to Be Cut

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Between now and the beginning of the season, the Buffalo Bills must reduce their 90-man roster to 53 players. This will be no easy feat, as every current player on the team has worked hard to get to where they are and all of them are exceptional athletes.

NFL teams typically reduce their numbers by cutting young and unproven players who fail to perform during training camp. There's no doubt that the Bills will look to drastically reduce the number of rookies on the team between now and September, but the team is currently in a transition period and is not shying away from their identity as a young, explosive, albeit inexperienced club.

With that in mind, it makes sense for the team to take a closer look at some of the veterans who have been under-performing, and make appropriate cuts. Some of the players on this list have had reasonably successful careers with the Bills, but have either outlived their usefulness or could be just as easily replaced. Others have simply failed to make an impact over the years and should have been cut a long time ago.

Every roster move should be done with the intention of making the team better, even if the results are not immediately apparent. It might not make much sense to cut a serviceable back-up, for example, without considering the long-term implications. Freeing up cap space as well as a spot on the roster can make a big difference, especially if doing so provides an opportunity for a young player who has the potential to be more than just a serviceable back-up.

Here are five veteran players that the Buffalo Bills should send packing this off-season.

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Crezdon Butler

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In three seasons with the Bills, cornerback Crezdon Butler has registered a total of four tackles. You read that right, not an average of four tackles per game, but four tackles total over the course of three years. That pretty much says it all. Such a complete lack of production should only be rewarded by being let go.

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Tashard Choice

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Tashard Choice has done a decent job as the back up to Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller. He has never put up eye-popping statistics, but has been able to pound the ball inside for tough yards with relative consistency. It might not be fair to say that Choice 'deserves' to be cut this offseason, but the move would be completely justifiable. It's clear by now that he has a pretty low ceiling, so why not give the garbage-time carries to a younger back with more potential? The Bills already have a couple in Zach Brown and Kendall Gaskins.

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Dorin Dickerson

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The Bills added no less than five wide receivers to the team this offseason. Not much is known about the Bills new offensive system, but so far it seems like a sure thing that the unit will be defined by its youth, speed and athleticism. Dickerson has been one of the Bills least productive receivers over the past few seasons, and there is really no longer any practical place for him on the roster.

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Garrison Sanborn

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Whether or not you're a Bills fan, chances are you had no idea who Garrison Sanborn was until you saw this slide. There's a reason for that. Outside of being the team's long snapper, Sanborn has been much less than impactful. While every team needs it's niche special teams players, surely the Bills could teach someone to long snap who will register more than three tackles per season.

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Brad Smith

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This was a tough one. Smith is a veteran leader on the Bills, and has made some big plays in his time with the team. But, in keeping with the theme of 'out with the old, in with the new', the Bills no longer have any real need for Smith. Especially not at the current rate of close to $4 million a year. That money could be used to sign any three of the Bills talented rookie receivers, all of whom could replace Smith and quickly rise above his rank of glorified wildcat distraction.