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5 Reasons Tim Tebow Just Won’t Fit With New England Patriots

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5 Reasons Why Tim Tebow Won't Fit With Patriots

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Besides his humble personality and 'can-do' attitude, there are a plethora of reasons to like Tim Tebow. He's a nice guy, religious follower, good teammate and just an overall winner, but there are reasons that he would not be the best option at quarterback for an NFL team.

Rumors have been circling all offseason about possible landing spots for the former college stud. The former Heisman winner was rumored to be heading to coach in the Lingirie Football League, play in the Arena Football League, Canadian Football League or the Jacksonville Jaguars – with the Jaguars being possibly the least intriguing job of all four.

The guy is a winner, yes, but he still has the statistics and throwing motion of an average high school quarterback. While he got away with his unconventional passing attack in college, the NFL has not been so kind to the 25-year-old quarterback.

His recent job offer came as a surprise to everyone. The New England Patriots picked up the mediocre QB and grabbed the attention of every media outlet from around the country.

It's hard to see this experiment working out in the favor of either team. On the Patriots side, they have nothing to lose as Tom Brady is already the team's leader and they aren't looking for anyone else to help them win games – they already have that.

Many people believe Tebow will be playing a different position when the season begins, but the hassle doesn't seem quite worth the money.

Here are five reasons why the Tim Tebow project just won't work in New England.

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Bill Belichick Already Has a Winner

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Bill Belichick already has a three-time Super Bowl champion at quarterback. Brady can do it all: pass, scramble when he absolutely needs to and, most importantly, win. Why would he need Tebow to win if they already know how to do that and have the talent for such a thing? They don't.

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Tebow is Already a Third-Stringer

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Sitting behind Ryan Mallett and Brady, Tebow will need injuries if he wants to move up on the depth chart. It's highly unlikely he will even pass Mallett on the chart because of his solidified position already at No. 2.

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Tom Brady Can't Teach Talent

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Tom Brady can only do so much. He can win games, titles and the hearts of fans from across the country. However, he cannot teach talent to anyone – not even Tebow. It's hard to teach someone who has a career 47-percent completion rate to be anything but mediocre.

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No Chance of Playing Time

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While many people think that Tebow will probably change positions, he has no experience at any other position but quarterback. Oh yeah, and he doesn't want to play any other position. This is the easy ticket for a nice ride on the bench.

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New England Fans Won't Want 'Tebow Time'

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New England fans are pretty smart – not to say New York Jets fans aren't, but the Jets' QB situation is a bit more of an issue than the Patriots. The Patriots have a guy who can win games for them, so the whole 'he's a winner' excuse isn't going to work in this town. Sorry, Tim.