Chad Johnson to Be Released From Jail Early on Monday

By Dan Parzych
Chad Johnson
(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

Last week, Chad Johnson–formally known as Chad Ochocinco–was making headlines for his famous butt slap on his attorney while in court that ended up giving him 30 days in jail as Broward Judge Kathleen McHugh was not pleased with the wide receiver’s actions for not taking the case seriously. Now, it appears Monday is Johnson’s lucky day as Judge McHugh has agreed to let him out of jail earlier than originally expected.

Johnson will be released from prison after just seven days after apologizing for his actions last week. At first, 30 days for an act like a butt slap seemed a bit extreme for Johnson, but it was clear how frustrated Judge McHugh was over the situation as the courtroom bursted into laughter shortly after the incident happened and when an individual is in court–the last thing they need to do is be funny.

Plus, when looking back at Johnson’s history, it was no surprise to see him act immature by performing the butt slap–regardless if he was trying to be funny about it. Hopefully, the last week in jail was a big wake up call for Johnson and he will finally consider turning his life around by taking things a little more seriously.

As for a possible return to the NFL, that still seems highly unlikely at this point. If teams weren’t interested in bringing Johnson on board last year, chances are they aren’t going to want to for the 2013 season–especially after this latest incident that landed him in jail.

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