Detroit Lions Need To Limit Ryan Broyles

By Andrew Fisher
Ryan Broyles
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The Detroit Lions may or may not have gotten a bargain when they took wide receiver Ryan Broyles in the second round of the 2012 draft. Coming off of a torn ACL during his final year in college, the star wide out fell all the way to Detroit on the second day of the draft. The ‘gamble’ to take him didn’t really pay off in year one, as injuries once again limited the receiver to only 22 receptions. He hit the operating table once again this past December to repair his other ACL – so can he really be ready for week one in 2013?

Broyles is convinced he will be ready, and he’s already amazing people by being a full participant in OTAs. “I’m out there doing full practices right now so in a couple months I feel like I’ll be pretty good,” said the wide receiver. So at this point, he’s set on playing week one, but is that really best for the team?

People are going to try and make a comparison to Adrian Peterson, because he also came back only eight months after the same surgery, but clearly Broyles isn’t AP. Peterson is a superhuman, who tore his ACL on a freak play. It’s safe to assume that Broyles has underlying issues with his knees, because they were both redone before he even turned 25.

The Lions need to pump the brakes in a big way on Broyles’ return. It’s great that he’s ahead of schedule, but there’s no point to letting him rush back onto the field. It’s all about potential with the second-year wide receiver, because at this point, he’s just a guy who can’t stay healthy. Only if he’s truly 100% by week one, should the Lions let him back out there. There’s nothing wrong with being overly cautious with a guy who could eventually be a big part of the team’s offense.


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