Donald Driver Shouldn't Worry; Green Bay Packers No Longer Need Wide Receiver Help

By Devin O'Barr
Donald Driver holds up his sign
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like the superstars in Green Bay have had a hard time coping with retirement. Apparently, the Brett Favre saga wasn’t embarrassing enough because the Green Bay Packers‘ faithful now have to deal with Donald Driver‘s unflattering attempt at another shot in the NFL.

Now, Driver is one of the best wide receivers to even wear the green and yellow, but at 38 years old the veteran wideout has no business lining up on Sundays. With that being said, No. 80 made his last gasp at being relevant with this nifty quote:

“If the Packers called me and said, ‘Drive, come back to training camp,’ I’d be back for training camp,”

His devotion to Green Bay is admirable and shows the genuine bond that he had with his fans, yet I can guarantee that the Pack will not be dialing Driver’s phone number for anything other than a coaching gig. As a seventh-round pick Driver has been forced to grind his entire life and career — this the first time in No. 80’s life that he can sit idly by and reap the benefits from his hard work.

Aaron Rodgers hardly needs Driver’s services in 2013. With Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and James Jones all still on the roster, Green Bay features the best wide receivers in the NFL. Surely, the Denver Broncos will rival that title all season long, but the current crown belongs to the Pack.

Just like it was difficult for Favre to watch Rodgers excel, Driver will definitely have a knot in his throat once he sees his predecessors reeling in touchdowns.

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