Scott Chandler Key to Buffalo Bills' Success

By Andrew Fisher
Scott Chandler
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Most players coming off of ACL surgery are just glad to get back on the field. To even make it back after one of athletic’s worst injuries, is an accomplishment all in itself. But nowadays, players are not only expected to make it back, they’re expected to make it back and produce right away. Buffalo Bills‘ tight end Scott Chandler is currently in that boat, as expectations are going to very high upon his return from the dreaded knee surgery.

Slowly but surely over his six-year career, Chandler has made a name for himself. He’s come along way from being a practice squad member for the Dallas Cowboys, to now being one of the better red zone threats in the game. Over the past two seasons, he’s caught 12 touchdown passes and racked up nearly 1,000 yards through the air.

With the quarterback situation being a bit up in the air right now in Buffalo, a reliable tight end is going to be crucial. Rookie E.J. Manuel and Chandler could be great duo right from the start. The TE can be the proverbial safety valve for the rookie QB, something all young signal-callers need.

So whether it’s fair or not, fans are going to be expecting a lot from Chandler in 2013. They no longer just want him to be a difference-maker in a red zone, they want to be a reliable target everywhere on the field. In a normal year, one could assume he’d probably make some improvements, but after a major surgery, there are no guarantees. The Bills don’t have an offense that’s loaded with playmakers, so getting consistent production from the TE spot will be essential.


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