There's Nothing Wrong With Stephen Jones' Belief in Dallas Cowboys

By Ben Grimaldi
Stephen Jones
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A few days ago Dallas Cowboys VP of Operations Stephen Jones said that he believes the organization “put a team together we think can compete for a championship.” The words caused a mini uproar from writers and fans of the Cowboys in questioning Jones’ sanity but there is nothing wrong in what Stephen Jones said.

What is Jones supposed to say, that he doesn’t believe the Cowboys can win the Super Bowl? What kind of message would that be to the team and their fans?

Right now there are 31 other teams hoping for the same thing and probably about 20 who truly believe they have a chance at winning it all. Why wouldn’t the Cowboys be one of those teams? They have just missed the playoffs two years in a row and have shown they can compete with the eventual Super Bowl winners in each of the past two years so it’s not a stretch to say they could win a championship. If the past few seasons have proved anything it’s that all you need to do get into the playoffs and anything can happen.

People also seem to be misinterpreting what Stephen said; Jones said he thinks the Cowboys can “compete” for a championship, he didn’t say they would win one. It’s a huge difference too many people are missing out on. Again, Jones is not wrong since the Cowboys were close to winning the division and making the playoffs the past two seasons with a defense that couldn’t stop teams when it mattered most. Last year in particular, injuries played a major role in the outcome of the Cowboys season so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Cowboys can win more games based on improved health and a better defense under Monte Kiffin.

The Cowboys improved their team this offseason and are getting some key players back from injury, so there’s nothing wrong with thinking the Cowboys can compete for an NFL championship in 2013. Honestly, if Jones doesn’t believe that it mid-June, it would be difficult to see him believing it in August or September.

Dallas hasn’t played as well as they should have when it’s mattered most the past few seasons but each year is different and nobody knows if the Cowboys will get over the hump or not? What I do know is that whether you believe it or not, Stephen Jones has faith in Dallas Cowboys’ ability to compete for a championship.

I see nothing wrong with that.

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