Tyson Clabo Will Provide Consitency for Miami Dolphins at Right Tackle

By Craig Ballard
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Miami Dolphins offensive line features a left tackle who many have questions about, Jonathan Martin. At left guard is a guy coming off his first ever Pro Bowl game in Richie Incognito. They also have one of the best center’s in the NFL in Mike Pouncey.

The right side of the line may be all new. John Jerry will have a battle on his hands with Lance Louis and Dallas Thomas fighting to be the no. 1 right guard, and new Dolphin Tyson Clabo will have a chance to provide an upgrade for the team at right tackle.

Much of 2012 saw then-rookie J-Mart play right tackle and the results were poor. Ryan Tannehill was forced into numerous throws that had to get out quicker than the route called for as a result of J-Mart getting beat so often. The 31-year old veteran Clabo should be a massive upgrade in this area.

Clabo has been a power blocker who will now have to adjust to the zone blocking scheme implemented by Joe Philbin, but the coach has a huge history of working with and developing o-lineman, so he and o-line coach Jim Turner should be able to get Clabo to make that scheme transition successfully (back in the day, Clabo spent time with the Denver Broncos, so he does have a small bit of experience with zone blocking).

The 6-foot-6, 330-pounder has 100 career NFL starts, which is more than any other Dolphins lineman and more than Pouncey, J-Mart and Jerry combined. He has the skills to be a surefire top-10 right tackle in the entire league, and to be honest, he can be as good as a top-five RT this season.

Clabo will make $3.5 million this season and he is on a one-year “prove you can produce for us” contract. If he can adjust to the zone blocking and provide Tanny with more time in the pocket, then the Dolphins will have money for him at season’s end, so we should see a very motivated player this season.

I am excited about the strong play and consistency that Clabo can bring to the table for the 2013 Dolphins (and hopefully beyond that as well).

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