Washington Redskins Need One More Big Season Out of London Fletcher

By Michael Terrill
Washington Redskins Need One More Big Season Out of London Fletcher
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Even though it is unknown how much longer Washington Redskins inside linebacker London Fletcher will be able to suit up to play the game he loves, the team needs one more season out of him if they want to make some noise in 2013.

Fletcher has been a dominant linebacker for the Redskins for several years. In fact, he is the heart and soul of the defense. Not to mention, his ability to be the team’s top tackler, while also being the second oldster player on the roster is remarkable. Obviously, his play has slipped somewhat over the past couple years, but that is bound to happen at 38 years old.

Washington is hoping Fletcher will be able to play at a high level for one more year so that they can have a legitimate shot at winning the NFC East and making a deep run in the playoffs. They will need his valuable leadership skills and tackling ability in order to get the job done.

Not only will the Redskins need the 16-year veteran to give a top-notch performance on the field, but they will also need him to continue grooming the next batch of linebackers to replace him. Even though Washington has not done much to find his replacement, it is imperative that Fletcher pass on his football knowledge to whichever defensive players are willing to listen.

Fletcher may have graded out as the worst defender on the team last season because of his inability to consistently stay with his one-on-one matchups in the passing game. However, he still put up solid numbers for someone his age.

He posted a team-high 139 total tackles and five interceptions. He also managed to record three sacks, one forced fumble and 11 passes defended. There is no one on the current roster that would be able to produce these kinds of numbers in his place, which is why he is more valuable than people may realize.

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