Will Seattle Seahawks’ Tarvaris Jackson Win Backup Job?

By Michael Terrill
Will Seattle Seahawks’ Tarvaris Jackson Win Backup Job
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks brought back quarterback Tarvaris Jackson after his short stint with the Buffalo Bills. Jackson will be competing against Brady Quinn to be starter Russell Wilson’s backup quarterback. Does Jackson have what it takes to win the job?

The 30-year-old’s best statistical season occurred in 2011 in his lone year with the Seahawks. As the starting quarterback, he completed 60.2 percent of his 450 pass attempts for 3,091 yards. He also posted 14 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and a 79.2 passer rating. Jackson led Seattle to a 7-7 record, and the fact that he was able to have so much success behind a horrific offensive line was quite remarkable.

There is no question Jackson has the upper hand against Quinn in the quarterback competition. He has more playing time and has been more productive in his NFL career. In fact, his more overall experience in general will make him the far better backup. This is great news for the fans in Seattle because it will allow Wilson to have more snaps in practice considering Jackson already knows the system.

Jackson was traded to the Bills after the Seahawks drafted Wilson last year. The reason was because there was no room for him on the team with Matt Flynn, who was signed to be the starter, backing up Wilson. Jackson thought he would get an opportunity to compete for the starting job in Buffalo, but the Bills never gave him a legitimate chance. He did not suit up once and spent the entire season as the third-string quarterback.

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