Willie McGinest is Clueless About Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

By Jeric Griffin
Willie McGinest NCAA Football: Southern California Spring Game
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Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t everyone in the football world know that Jason Garrett is a terrible play-caller? Maybe it’s just because I’m a Texas guy, but I thought it was common knowledge that the Dallas Cowboys‘ head coach is arguably the worst offensive play-caller in the NFL. I mean, after all, he did get that duty taken away recently in embarrassing fashion.

Apparently Willie McGinest has been living under a rock because he recently appeared on one of the NFL Network’s numerous shows that feature former players and made this mind-numbing statement when asked if Garrett is coaching for his job in 2013:

“I’m just confused of Jason Garrett’s role in this whole thing because the one thing he’s really, really good at [is] play-calling. He can call plays, he’s been very successful with that and we heard that they’re stripping his play-calling duties. Now, where does that put Jason Garrett?”

I’ll tell you where it puts Garrett: it puts him anywhere not near a microphone that goes to Tony Romo‘s helmet speaker. I know McGinest is a former player, so he has a little bit of name recognition, but this guy clearly has no idea what’s going on in the NFL now. That was evident when fellow former player Heath Evans — who was on set with McGinest — looked like he had seen a ghost after his colleague’s moronic claim.

Cowboys fans everywhere should rejoice that Bill Callahan — the man with the title of Offensive Coordinator in Dallas — is actually calling the offensive plays this year instead of Garrett. Maybe, just maybe, the Cowboys won’t be the most disappointing team in the NFL again this season, but don’t bet on it. Also try to avoid listening to anything that comes out of McGinest’s mouth from now on. You’re certain to lose brain cells if you try to comprehend it.

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