A Hater’s Take: Why Tony Romo Stinks

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Tony Romo
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s unbearable how much Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo stinks.

The gunslinger for America’s favorite team is a choke artist, and an elite one at that. If a win is on the line and the clock is a factor, you better hope that he’s on the sideline or the Cowboys are running the ball. Otherwise, it’s a safe bet that he’ll fumble a snap, throw an interception or enter the fetal position in the middle of the field and accept defeat.

It’s almost as if he’s allergic to winning important games, especially in the postseason. Have you ever seen the botched snap from the 2007 playoffs disaster? Or what about 2008 playoffs, when he threw a rather untimely interception? Watching the way he murdered both of those opportunities begs the question of whether or not he even wanted to win.

Need more evidence? How about a career 15-22 record in the final two months of the season? If you can’t win in December or January, the rest of the season is all for naught.

In terms of clutch, there isn’t an ounce in Romo’s body.

Sure, he has a decent arm for an undrafted quarterback and somehow manages to rack up big numbers year after year. Big whoop. The stats are only as pretty as the victories (or lack thereof) that they lead to.

Romo takes way too many unnecessary sacks, throws unnecessary interceptions instead of chucking it into the stands, and crumbles like a stale cracker when the pressure is on. Not exactly the type of guy you want leading your team into battle.

Stick to dating hot chicks and making headlines off the field Romo, because the whole anti-clutch thing is hurting the Cowboys more than Jerry Jones’ ego. Take that big fat check you undeservedly received this offseason, buy yourself a big island, and disappear to it before Dallas fans everywhere form a mutiny and take you down.

Someday, the homers will fall out of the trance Romo put them in and realize that he’ll never come anywhere near former Cowboys quarterbacks like Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach. A higher standard is held in Dallas, and Romo ain’t living up to it.

Romo, you stink.

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