Atlanta Radio Hosts That Mocked Steve Gleason Are Beyond Busch League

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Gleason
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to being offensive with words, it doesn’t get much lower than mocking someone with a life-altering disease. Apparently, the Atlanta area radio hosts that mocked former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason, didn’t understand how low they were sinking when they orchestrated a bit on their Monday morning show. Two of the hosts had a third call in to pose as Gleason using a computer voice (ala Stephen Hawking), and eventually it ended with ‘Gleason’ asking the hosts to smother him.

It’s hard to believe that there are people that classless and stupid in this world, but these Atlanta area hosts showed me a new level Bush League with this whole debacle. I mean, are you serious? You’re going to mock a guy with ALS? One of the worst diseases a human being can possibly get…wow.

Subsequently, all of the radio morons have been fired, and I hope they never find work again.

Some fans are going to try and make this about the Atlanta Falcons and their rivalry with the Saints, but the Falcons have nothing to do with this. These were actions from a third party, with no official affiliation to the team. It would be completely unfair to lump any Falcons’ fans in with these clowns.

I understand that radio hosts often go for shock value, and they’re just trying to get people talking, but there’s nothing that’s okay about making fun of Steve Gleason and the disease that’s changed his life forever. I hope karma comes back and bites all of these classless buffoons in the ass.


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