Tony Gonzalez Unsurprisingly Wins 'Good Guy' Award

By Andrew Fisher
Tony Gonzalez
Kevin Liles-USA Today Sports

What else can you really say about Tony Gonzalez? This guy has one of the best reputations in professional sports, and now he’s receiving some acknowledgement that he is in fact a ‘good guy.’ Gonzalez has been declared the winner of this year’s Good Guy Award, which is given out by the Professional Football Writers of America. The tight end won the award based on his professionalism to help journalists do their job.

This award is just more validation that the legendary TE is the epitome of class for pro athletes. If you think back over Gonzalez’s long 16-year NFL career, it’s hard to remember a time when he was involved in any negative stories. The only news-worthy incidents on his Wikipedia page, are all positive. He’s involved in lots of charity work, and he co-founded a sports nutrition company back in 2009. He even once saved a man from choking while eating dinner at a restaurant. There’s no doubt that Gonzalez is indeed one of the good guys.

All good samaritan deeds aside, the ultimate award for No. 88 would be a Lombardi trophy. He’s decided to give it one more try in 2013, and even if you’re not a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, you’ll have to feel good for him if he can go out on top. It would be a truly great sports story, and one that might be hard to beat. It took him 16 years to get to a conference title game, but all he needs is one more elite season to reach the mountain top.


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