Aaron Hernandez's Issues Shedding Damaging Light on New England Patriots' TE Depth

By Paul Seaver
Greg M. Cooper-USA Today

On Tuesday, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski went under the knife for yet another surgery. The procedure reportedly went well, which is good news for the Patriots and their star tight end, but ironically enough, it wasn’t even the biggest news of the day for the organization.

In fact, it wasn’t even the biggest news for the Patriots’ tight end position.

It was reported late on Tuesday evening that state police in Massachusetts were at the North Attleborough, Massachusetts home of Aaron Hernandez, conducting a search warrant of his home in connection with the murder of an individual who is being labeled as an “associate” of the Patriots tight end.

While that investigation only continues, Hernandez is now being linked to a separate altercation in which he allegedly shot a man in the face following an outing at a Miami strip club back in February. Hernandez is currently being sued for the incident, after a gun discharged and forced Alexander Bradley to lose his right eye and undergo reconstructive surgery.

So, given the quick mess that the speedy Patriots tight end has become within this 24 hour span, one can only imagine what will happen if this does not clear up or is actually worse than it even appears at the moment. Hernandez is not a suspect in the ongoing murder investigation, but he has also not been ruled out, according to reports and investigators.

New England will obviously be patient in this light, but the depth behind their two star tight ends is bar none incomparable to the remaining portion of the depth at that position. Bottom line is this — the Patriots have other tight ends to bring into training camp this summer, but none can compare to Gronk or Hernandez. This could surely be a devastating blow for New England and Tom Brady heading into the season  — this is one of the best, if not the best tight end combo in the NFL.

However, we will let the speculation be exactly that until more is known about Hernandez and this ongoing investigation. On the flip side, Patriots fans are also hoping Gronk has a quick recovery and can be ready for Week 1.


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