Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant Has Found Good Mentors In Michael Jordan and Chris Paul

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant is the Dallas Cowboys most explosive player, both on and off the field. Early in his career Bryant’s reputation seemed to be more about what happened off of the field, rather than what happened on it. However, from the looks of things, that perception has changed and it could be because of the influence from a couple of NBA stars.

In an interesting look at Dez Bryant’s growth, NFL.com’s Chris Wesseling reports the star wide receiver has been mentored by two NBA stars on his journey to maturity. Longtime advisor David Wells told FOXSportsSouthwest.com how Bryant talks regularly with former NBA great Michael Jordan and current star Chris Paul.

“They almost treat him like a little brother, Dez started listening to older people instead of the young guys. Those guys are both married and have stable lives. And that’s something Dez craves.”

Much has been made of Bryant’s growth this offseason and it’s nice to see that Bryant realizes he can’t do everything on his own. Seeking guidance in two people who are very successful, who also have great reputations in their sport, shows maturity from Bryant. There is nothing wrong with branching out to find out how to become a better player, and an even better person. Both Jordan and Paul have handled their success as professional athletes well and it’s good to see Bryant trying to soak up some of their wisdom.

All three players also have two things in common; their passion for their sports and the drive to get better. Nobody loves to compete more than Dez Bryant on the football field; it’s a trait that MJ was famous for and one that Paul shares as well. None of these players want to be beaten and that passion comes through.

Everything is in place for Dez Bryant to have a monster season in 2013; he was unstoppable during the second half of last year, he has been unstoppable in Cowboys practices so far this offseason and he’s being mentored by two of the best players in NBA history. If Bryant’s new found maturity translates onto the field, opposing defenses should be very scared.

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