Is Tony Romo a Good Enough Leader for Dallas Cowboys?

By Ben Grimaldi
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In the past few years perhaps the only person associated with the Dallas Cowboys that’s been questioned more than owner Jerry Jones is quarterback Tony Romo. Aside from his play on the field, the biggest question about Romo is his leadership ability.

Cowboys fans have seen Romo grow into that role more and more each of the past few years but it doesn’t appear like it’s been enough for the organization. According to the Star-Telegram the Cowboys went to Romo this offseason and asked him to step up and be even more of a leader.

“We talked to him very specifically in the beginning of the offseason – we wanted more of that from him,” coach Jason Garrett said last week as the veteran mini-camp wrapped up at Valley Ranch. “I think he embraced the role. I think any quarterback would. He has a real knack for a leadership style where guys listen to him.”

There’s nothing wrong with asking someone to step up and do more to help the team win but is it possible to ask someone to be more of a leader? Romo can only be who he is and if he hasn’t shown the ability to be a good enough leader for Cowboys in the past few years, it’s hard to see what else he can do?

Romo led the Cowboys through team activities during the lockout, he’s become a more vocal leader on the field and he’s held the team, and himself, more responsible over the past few seasons. He’s been the Cowboys biggest leader lately and frankly asking him to do more could be a bad sign. It isn’t a good indictment on Tony Romo that the Cowboys are asking him to step up and do more. To his credit, Romo appears to be taking on an even bigger role with the Cowboys but the question must be asked, why wasn’t this the case before?

There is no reason to knock what Tony Romo has done for the Cowboys but it appears as though that’s what the Cowboys organization is doing. If they aren’t, why is it necessary to ask more from him because the implication that the Cowboys need more leadership from Romo is that he wasn’t doing a good enough job of being a leader? As much as I like Tony Romo, that’s pretty big knock on a player who I thought was a good leader for the Cowboys.

It’s a new year for the Dallas Cowboys but some of the same questions remain. The Cowboys are asking for more from their quarterback and maybe the only way to get better answers is by getting more out of Tony Romo as a leader.

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