Aaron Hernandez Burning The New England Patriots For Risk Taking

By Lucas Carreras
Aaron Hernandez New England Patriots
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When many other NFL teams take a chance on a player with character issues and troubles coming out of college, like the Oakland Raiders, it is considered a bad move. When the New England Patriots take a risk on the same player, they are considered to be bold and are lauded for their risk taking.

While the first three seasons that Aaron Hernandez has had with the Patriots have been played at an All-Pro level, given the situation that he finds himself in, the luck the Patriots had in having a troubled player stay out of trouble looks to have come to an end.

When Hernandez had declared for the NFL Draft back in 2010, there was no question that the former Florida tight end had first round talent. Yet like any player who has first round talent but drops, in his case to be drafted in the fourth round by the Patriots, there are red flags that scare teams away.

In Hernandez’s case, he had a number of off-field incidents and red flags which scared teams off. These off-field issues and incidents included admitted marijuana use while at Florida and alleged connections with gangs in his hometown of Bristol, CT. Because of this, the Patriots were able to draft him in the middle of the 2010 draft.

While Hernandez had stayed out of trouble and it appeared at least from afar that he was a good citizen, the latest incidents show that he has never really shed his past and that the Patriots are getting burned for it now.

Now the Patriots find themselves in a situation where instead of the tight end position being one of their strongest, the potential absence of Hernandez and the injury issues with Rob Gronkowski put the Patriots to be burned for the same risk taking that many lauded them for when both were producing at a high level.

The matter of the fact is that even the Patriots are not above or somehow able to expect not getting burned by taking a risk on high risk players. While yes, it had not been an issue until now, the law of averages was bound to catch up with Bill Belichick and the Patriots as sooner or later taking a risk would come back to haunt them.

Just like it showed hubris with their signing of Tim Tebow when it really was not necessary to sign him, the arrogance being shown in having taken a risk on a player like Hernandez is also now coming back to screw the Patriots. Therefore, this belief that anyone can be Teflon to anything bad happening when taking a risk is clearly not true.

The case against Aaron Hernandez will be an ongoing distraction for the player and the Patriots during the 2013 season. For the Patriots, it represents a smack in the face for thinking it could take a risk on a high risk player and them not somehow ever get burned for it.

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