Buffalo Bills Quarterback Legend Jim Kelly Will Not Need Chemo

By Scott DelleFave
Jim Kelly
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

This is extremely good news out of Western New York today, as it’s being announced that Buffalo Bills legendary QB Jim Kelly will not need Chemotherapy in part of his treatment for his jaw cancer, which was reported on June 3; he had his surgery on June 7. There was a tweet sent out from John Kucko, the sports director at WROC News 8 in Rochester, N.Y., — it’s the local CBS Affiliate here — confirming this great story about Kelly’s prognosis:

So much is being put into this in Western New York because the obvious fact that every life is valuable, Kelly has been seen as an ambassador type role with the team since his retirement in from the league 1996. Also, a great deal of Bills fans are expecting him to be the spearhead to buy the team when Hall of Fame owner, Ralph C. Wilson Jr. passes away.

The specific type of cancer Jim Kelly had in his jaw is called squamous cell carcinoma. As a Bills fan, Kelly will fight like crazy much like he did for his late son Hunter Kelly, who suffered from Krabbe disease. Where usually infants that get this don’t make it past two-years old, Hunter made it to age eight. Keep up the good fight Jim, everyone’s got your back!

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