Cincinnati Bengals Are Deserving of Offseason Hype

By Andrew Fisher
Cincinnati Bengals
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Almost every year, there’s one up-and-coming team that everyone gets behind. The Cincinnati Bengals are a prime example of that, as they’ve been getting of ton of love this offseason. After years of third place finishes in the AFC North, many people are finally projecting the Bengals will over take the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, who have ran the division for a long time. The Bengals did have some decent teams back in the mid-2000’s, but for the most part, they’ve been playing behind Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

But things are finally turning around in 2013. The Bengals finally seem to have a franchise quarterback in place, as well as one the league’s best receivers. Several other key pieces are in place on offense, and their defense was already one of the best unit’s in the league. There are no more excuses, or missing pieces, this is a team that can win now.

Just making the playoffs is no longer enough for this Bengals squad, but that’s a great sign for fans. Now the bar has been raised to division title, which is simply the next step. But more importantly, this team needs to win a playoff game. It won’t be easy with some of the powerhouses in the AFC, so winning the division and earning a good seed, will be crucial.

I for one think the Bengals are deserving of the hype they’ve received so far this offseason. I’m jumping on the bandwagon, because there’s no reason not to. Top to bottom, the Bengals are in much better shape than their division rivals, and they’re now just the logical pick to come out on top in the AFC North.


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