New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Set to Be Arrested in Murder Connection

By Paul Seaver

Earlier this week, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski underwent successful back surgery and in turn, he is hoping to ready for the start of the 2013 NFL season.

Believe it or not, the news regarding another procedure to their star tight end wasn’t even the biggest news that circulated from the team this past week. In fact, it wasn’t even the biggest news that circulated from the Patriots’ tight end position.

Aaron Hernandez, the speedy compliment to Gronkowski, was in tons of hot water earlier week when initial reports indicated that he may have been linked to a homicide investigation in North Attleborough, Masssachusetts. Well, with more details emerging since Tuesday, the investigation remains ongoing, but things are not looking good for the Patriots tight end.

On Thursday morning,‘s Steve Silva reported and credited a law enforcement source that stated that Hernandez will be placed under arrest at some point for his connection to the murder investigation.

Those are the only details that have surfaced at this time and with things taking an added, turn for the worse with this latest update, who knows how things will play out from here. No arrest has been made or confirmed at this time, but according to Silva, it’s inevitable.

Hernandez has become one of the top targets for quarterback Tom Brady over the past few seasons and expectations were increasing due to the injury issues surrounding Gronkowski.

At this point however, who knows what Hernandez’s future may hold in general, let alone on the football field.


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