Nick Mangold Believes New York Jets Will Eventually Give Starting QB Job to Mark Sanchez

By Paul Seaver
The Star Ledger – USA Today Sports

A season ago, the New York Jets featured one of the most highly publicized quarterback competitions in recent memory. While Mark Sanchez stayed in the featured spot, Tim Tebow was the one grabbing the headlines, while fans chanted for him to play. It was a mess, but the Jets have moved forward.

Tebow is gone and he has since signed with the New England Patriots ironically enough, but the Jets’ quarterback competition is still looming large. It’s not Sanchez vs. Tebow, it’s Sanchez vs. rookie QB Geno Smith. Many easily speculate that Smith will eventually be named the team’s future quarterback, but that doesn’t mean that New York will throw him into the fire right away.

Sanchez could very well remain the stater for the Jets heading into this season, but that obviously comes with a short window. He must, not only compete for the job this summer, but he must prove his worth to maintain it, if that’s the case. Well, according to the team’s center, Nick Mangold, Sanchez gives the team the best chance to win right now. Mangold told the New York Post that he believes his teammates feel the same way, as well.

Regardless how teammates feel, he will need to win the position through training camp and preseason and while he might have the slight edge simply because of his veteran status and the contract that he is under, nothing remains certain. With that being said, don’t expect Rex Ryan to give him anywhere near to the leash that he was given a year ago.

If Sanchez doesn’t produce in 2013, he will sit.


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