Security System, Cleaning Ladies and the Latest on Aaron Hernandez's Connection to Massachusetts Murder

By Paul Seaver

On Thursday morning, initial reports indicated that New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was expected to be arrested in his connection to an ongoing murder investigation near his North Attleborough, Massachusetts home.

Those arrest reports remain unconfirmed at this time and Hernandez has still yet to be officially labeled as a suspect in this investigation. However, the potential evidence is mounting up against him and he has already been “directly tied” to the murder.

Well, ABC News added some more fuel to the fire on Thursday afternoon, saying that Hernandez intentionally destroyed his own security system, including video surveillance. Hernandez’s cell phone was also turned over to the police “in pieces,” according to the report and a cleaning crew was seen leaving Hernandez’s home on Tuesday. This is all alleged speculation for the time being, but police want to know the answers to these three crucial questions and they have not ruled Hernandez out as a suspect in any means.

In fact, news choppers followed Hernandez from his home to the Patriots’ facility on Thursday afternoon, a live feed was available on the internet. You would’ve thought O.J. Simpson was out cruising in that White Bronco again (Hernandez drives a white SUV).

In all however, Hernandez has not been arrested and a statement from him, his legal representation or the Patriots as an organization is not expected anytime soon. At this time, it’s a matter of wait and see what emerges next.

More details are sure to come.


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