Stupid Fan Comments About Baltimore Ravens Never End

By Dan Abeshouse
Baltimore Raven Fans
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I’m not an expert of the NFL by any means, nor have I ever claimed to be one. I am, however, a very knowledgeable fan, and I love to put my opinions out there. I started writing about the NFL and mainly my favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens, a few years ago as a hobby, and I’ve worked really hard to be in the position I’m in now with Rant Sports. The one thing that continues to irk me beyond human comprehension is when people who have no freaking idea what they’re talking about argue with me.

Last night, me and my beautiful girlfriend and love of my life, Jenn Caiola, were shopping at our local Target for a few odds and ends. A gentleman walked by and noticed the Super Bowl Champion Raven shirt I was wearing. To help you get a mental image of this man, I’d say he looked like a fatter and uglier version of the guy who was killed with the chainsaw at the beginning of Scarface. The conversation went a little like this…

GUY: “I don’t know about the Ravens this year they’ve lost a lot.”

ME: “I think they’ll be just fine.”

GUY: “No way man, they’ve lost too much leadership: Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard. Pollard is one of the best safeties in the league.”

ME: “Pollard can’t cover, he can only hit.”

GUY: “He’s a heavy hitter, he’s gonna take out Joe Flacco this season.”

ME: “We (Ravens) don’t play his new team, the Tennessee Titans, next season.”

GUY: (Stupid look on his face) “Oh okay, I’m a fan of the Ravens, they’ve just lost too much from the defense.”

ME: “Really? We got Elvis Dumervil, Michael Huff, Chris Canty and Marcus Spears.”

GUY: “Eh, they’re done, I think they’re done this year.”

ME: “I don’t think so, I disagree.”

The man then walked off to the dairy section, where I can only assume that he was getting a tub of butter to have as a midnight snack. My girlfriend seems to think the man was trying to pick me up, to which I replied “Ha, even if I was gay, I could do a lot better then that clown.”

All joking aside, this guy was an idiot. I can buy the stuff about the lost leadership on defense, but the comments about Pollard were beyond asinine. My advice to anyone who wants to talk crap to someone about sports or anything in general, know what you’re talking about because if you don’t, then you just look like a moron. You never know these days if random people you argue with are writers/bloggers. Be aware and beware. Until next time, my friends.

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