What Aaron Hernandez's Arrest Means For New York Jets

By Stephen Conway
Aaron Hernandez
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Hernandez will reportedly be arrested today on suspicion of a murder that occurred earlier this week. Much speculation has been surrounding the case, however, I’d like to take the opportunity to discuss how this will affect the New York Jets.

Assuming Hernandez is a more prominent suspect in the case, or if he is convicted of the murder, his playing days are likely over. Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriots‘ other phenom tight end, just had his fifth surgery recently to repair a herniated disc and does not have a time table on when he is coming back. Between the two, in addition to losing Wes Welker, the Patriots receiving corps does not look too promising.

What does this mean for the Jets? It means a lot. First off, it means that the Jets don’t have to deal with covering Hernandez and Gronkowski at the same time. It also means that they can now focus on stopping Gronkowski, should he be playing at the time when they face off against their division rival. It will most certainly allow the Jets defense to penetrate to get to Tom Brady quicker, and it definitely takes a load off the secondary who now can strictly focus on Brady instead of the weapons around him.

The two scenarios also give the Jets and Jet fans something to laugh about at a time where there has not been much laughter. Sometimes, when things are going really wrong for you, it’s nice to look at other people, especially if they are a hated division rival, and be able to laugh when things are going wrong for them as well.

All in all, the Jet organization and Jet fans will be extremely happy when they square off against the Patriots this upcoming season. It just makes the story all the better now if they somehow find a way to lose badly; butt fumble reference?

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