Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Profile: Zeke Motta

By Leigh Allen
Zeke Motta Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

William Moore and Thomas DeCoud are the ‘now’ for the Atlanta Falcons as far as safety positions go, but they won’t be around forever. The next generation of safety needs to get in the game now…even if it’s only in learning curve terms.

Enter Zeke Motta.

Motta realized his aptitude for all things football during his time at Vero Beach High School. It just so happened that his father Bill was defensive coordinator at the school at the time, and played a vital part in giving those talents focus.

That concentration led to well-deserved accolades for Motta, and his performance led him to the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. He was a notable part of the breed of freshmen that play every single game of the season…and look good doing it. His star continued to rise during his tenure and culminated in competing in the BCS National Championship game his senior year.

There are still the other safety rookies to be considered—hello Kemal Ishmael and Troy Sanders—as well as the likes of Shann Schillinger. Schillinger isn’t a rookie, but he was out last season with a foot injury and is looking to come back in a big way.

All the players involved in the safety competition want to make their own mark. However, Motta has a chip on his shoulder that the others don’t. He wants to eradicate the stigma attached to him by way of Notre Dame’s crushing loss to the Crimson Tide in his last game with the Fighting Irish…in the National Championship game, no less.

With his penchant for hard work and his determination to get ahead, Motta will carve a spot for himself on the roster. While that elusive spot as a starter probably won’t happen this year, he’ll be ready when the time does come…and rest assured, it’s coming.


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