Teammates Still Support New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez

By Nick Mamary
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Loyalty is something that athletes build through time together. Certain situations may lead to a group of players supporting one of their own, and this perspective can even clash with organizational wishes. For the New York Jets, it remains to be seen how a highly-publicized position battle will turn out and how personnel will react.

Incumbent starting quarterback Mark Sanchez continues his battle against rookie Geno Smith. Of course, Sanchez’s struggles were obvious as he threw 13 touchdowns against 18 interceptions. Smith, however, has once again breathed optimism in this frustrated fan base. However, opinions from the locker room appear to contrast these hopes.

Various reports state that Jets center Nick Mangold feel their former franchise signal caller still provides the best option. It makes sense that Mangold would back him after snapping him the ball for four years, and he is not the only individual to feel this way.

Receiver Santonio Holmes agreed no change should be made. I guess that a receiver’s chemistry with one quarterback makes sense. They have been on the same team for three years, which could make going in a different direction difficult. In the end, these two must understand their place when it comes to the big picture.

Filling out depth charts is one responsibility left to a team’s head coach. Rex Ryan needs to ignore analysis from his talent and make choices that will benefit his organization. At this point, there is no ideal selection as Sanchez may not improve while Smith could use time to learn.

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