Tennessee Titans’ Chris Johnson Expects Big Things in 2013

By Michael Terrill
Tennessee Titans’ Chris Johnson Expects Big Things in 2013
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have to be happy about running back Chris Johnson thinking big things for the 2013 NFL season. It is very important to lay out all of the individual and team goals for the season during the summer so that the players know what they are working towards, and that is exactly what Johnson has done.

“Every year I want to rush for 2,000 yards, and I feel like if we are doing what is right and we making plays on Sunday and if I get to that yardage, I feel like we can be a playoff team and hopefully win the Super Bowl,” Johnson said, according to TitansOnline.com

To have a personal goal is great because his stellar individual performance will carry over to an overall success for the team. Not to mention, Johnson’s rap for being a selfish player is no more as he much rather win a Super Bowl than achieve any personal goals.

Johnson knows that in order for the team to get to where they want to go he will have to step up and be a bigger leader than ever before. That was evident when he spent the offseason getting to know the new players the Titans acquired in order to improve the team from their less than stellar performance last season.

Tennessee is hoping that new additions to the offensive line and competition at the running back position will improve Johnson’s game. Even though Jake Locker has the potential to be a good quarterback, it is Johnson who needs to succeed in order for the offense to fly high.

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