A Few First Round Busts Of The Philadelphia Eagles

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Since every NFL fan is wondering how this year’s draft picks will work out for their favorite teams this upcoming season, I thought about the worst ones for my favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles. I came up with a few of the biggest busts in the first round my generation.

 Jon Harris, Defensive End,  first round draft pick  in 1997 , 25th overall –  I remember watching this draft like it was yesterday. I was only 17 years old then and didn’t have a care in the world, besides playing PlayStation or ball with my boys. When the Eagles called Jon Harris’ name I remember the “experts” looking confused as hell.

Well, I was 17 so maybe I was just confused. Ray Rhodes once called Harris another Ed “Too Tall” Jones. Harris ended up being forced into retirement after only three seasons. He had only two sacks as an Eagle.

Jerome McDougle, Defensive End,  first round draft pick in 2003, 15th overall pick - This dude was a pretty good college player, at least that is how I remember it, but as a pro not so much. McDougle only picked up three sacks with the Eagles, and he battled injuries for his entire career. He had knee injuries in 2003, an irregular heartbeat in 2004, a bullet wound in 2005 and a torn triceps in 2007.

The Eagles let Hugh Douglas go the year they drafted McDougle thinking that he was his replacement; so much for that. By the way, he never started an NFL game. Lovely.

Freddie Mitchell, Wide Receiver, first Round draft pick in 2001 , 25th overall pick - I was an Eagles ball-boy when the Birds decided to make ”FredEx” their first round pick. I remember the buzz he got when he arrived at the Nova Care Center. When he walked into the locker room for the first time, I was thinking to myself this “Big-Time” stud receiver was walking through those doors. But when Freddy walked in, he looked more like a high school kid.

Freddy had 90 catches, 1,263 yards and five scores in four seasons for the Eagles. Besides running his mouth constantly he did have  two plays that Eagles fans will always remember with the Monday Night catch against the Dallas Cowboys and 4th and 26 against the Green Bay Packers.

Honorable mention: Danny Watkins

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