Buffalo Bills Training Camp Profile: Running Back Fred Jackson

By Scott DelleFave
Fred Jackson
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Fred Jackson was once a journeyman trying to keep a dream alive to play in the NFL and he realized that dream in the 2007 season, however, he didn’t become a household name until 2009, where he racked up 1,062 rushing yards, 371 receiving yards and 1,014 kick return yards.

After that stellar year, Jackson became a household name in Western New York and won over the Buffalo Bills fans hearts and minds and made then feature halfback, Marshawn Lynch expendable, especially after someone like C.J. Spiller was added to the roster in 2009. Now that it is 2013, once again Fred is learning under another coach here in Buffalo, which is his fourth head coach since he joined the team. That being said, this Bills team has never had this much potential offensive firepower in any season Jackson has been here even the one year Terrell Owens was brought in to spark some interest for the team.

Off the field, Fred is an amazing man and will go the extra mile with any and all fans he encounters, as he introduces himself, and has a solid interaction with his fans on a one on one level which less players do these days. However, this all being said, in the last two years, Jackson’s seasons have been cut short due to injuries, and also with being a journeyman for a while, father time is slowing rearing his ugly head into Fred’s thoughts.   What will the future hold for Fred Jackson this year and the years beyond? Time will tell, but it likely should be an amazing ride.

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