NFL Network Top 100: Baltimore Ravens Called Overrated

By Wola Odeniran
Baltimore Ravens
Evan Habeeb – USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week here at RantSports, my colleague Ben Grimaldi made a valid point that the NFL Network’s top 100 countdown is meaningless, and I tend to agree for the most part.

But there is a theory going on as of late made by some analysts in the media that the players who represent the Baltimore Ravens on the list are overrated that I think needs to be addressed. This past Thursday on NFL Network, three Ravens players were revealed — Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and Ed Reed made the list. Reed is still considered a Raven on this list due to him playing on the team in 2012.

Earlier in the countdown, former Raven Bernard Pollard and current Ravens Jacoby Jones and Dennis Pitta were considered too high on the list. All of this is funny to me. Let us play this game of players on the Super Bowl team being overrated for a second. By claiming these players to be overrated, they are giving more and more credit to Flacco without even noticing it.

Over the last five years, people have said that the Ravens are filled with talent and Flacco is the only one holding them back. We have heard about Flacco having a defense, playing for an elite organization and how he doesn’t have to do much. With the critics dogging the Ravens on this list, it seems like Flacco had more to do with the Ravens winning at second glance, by their logic. You can’t say Flacco and at least six players on the Super Bowl unit are overrated at the same time — they did win the Super Bowl — unless someone thinks the Ravens lucked their way to winning it all, which is laughable.

Winning the Super Bowl is not easy. But certain people these days seem to think it is. Go ask Dan Marino how easy it is to win it all.

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