"Snoop Lion" Knows Who Should Be The Quarterback For The Philadelphia Eagles

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I love when celebrities give their opinions on sports. Everyone is always like, “did you hear so-and-so”? In world where we are obsessed with celebrities, people love to hear what they have to say. So just in case you missed it, Snoop Dogg gave his opinion on the Philadelphia Eagles‘ quarterback situation to the NFL Network. Apologies, Snoop Lion gave his opinion. I almost forgot that Snoop changed his name after visiting Rastafarian elders in Jamaica.

Snoop was running his charity program in Los Angeles called “The Snoop Youth Football League’s Football & Cheer Camp Family Fun Day”, and the NFL Network was covering it. Eagles own wide receiver DeSean Jackson was there helping out as well. So what did Snoop have to say about the quarterback situation? He said that Michael Vick should be the starter. Well, actually he said, “Vick, Vick, Vick it better be Vick”.  Whoa, easy there Snoop. That sounds threatening.

Snoop is a huge fan of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I will never forget watching MTV Cribs and Snoop having his PlayStation system setup in his shed in the back of his yard. It was pretty awesome setup.  That is where Snoop learned and schemed his expertise on the NFL, of course playing Madden.  I wonder who has the leg up on the battle for the starting quarterback position now?

You have Snoop Lion giving his endorsement of Vick, and you have Matt Barkley buying the Eagles offensive linemen ponchos. Nick Foles needs to come up with something quick. He is third in this race. By the way, I wonder if Snoop was giving out brownies at his camp.