Buffalo Bills' Rookies Take Batting Practice With Toronto Blue Jays

By Andrew Fisher
E.J. Manuel
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have a good relationship with our neighbors to the North, and apparently that continues during the offseason as well. Several rookie members of the team traveled across the border recently to pay a visit to the Toronto Blue Jays. The Bills’ rookies took batting practice with the team, in what has become an annual event. Players that took the trip included: E.J. Manuel, Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin, Jeff Tuel, Dustin Hopkins, Zack Chibane, Brandon Kaufman and Ryan Turnley.

Of all the players who went, Tuel reportedly had the most baseball experience, but he failed to go yard. Woods ended up being the only one to hit a homer during the BP session. After everyone took their turn, the rookies then switch backed to being spectators, and took in the game that followed.

This seems like a cool thing for the newest members of the Bills to do, and it reaffirms the team’s connection with Toronto. Not all fans like the fact that the Bills play a game each season across the border, but it no doubt expands the team’s fan base. I can understand the frustration of Buffalo fans for being shorted a home game every year, but it could be worse, they could have to fly across the pond to watch the team in London.

There’s nothing wrong with a Bills-Blue Jays partnership, because both brands end up benefiting in the long-run. But from the athlete’s perspective, it just has to be a fun time and one of the perks of the job.


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