Miami Dolphins, Not Jacksonville Jaguars, Should Be Worried About Moving

By Andrew Fisher
Miami Dolphins
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There always seems to be rumors flying around about the Jacksonville Jaguars moving. The perception is that the Jaguars have poor attendance, and that the city of Jacksonville doesn’t deserve a team. These same rumors never seem to involve the Miami Dolphins, which really doesn’t make any sense. If you take one look at last year’s attendance figures, you’ll see what I mean.

Although the Jags have a bad reputation, they rank 17th in the league for attendance to capacity. The Dolphins on the other hand, rank dead last in the league, only filling their stadium to 76.3% of its capacity. If you’re just looking at average attendance, the Jags still come out on top by over 7,500 fans per game. So why on Earth do they remain the team that everyone thinks is destined for London?

I suppose there’s an argument to be made that because the Dolphins have a much larger national following, that they don’t deserve to be involved in any relocation talks, but national popularity isn’t putting butts in seats in Miami.

The real issue that should concern Dolphins’ fans is the fact that the most recent bill for stadium renovation funding was rejected. Jacksonville, however, just got approval to add two jumbo-trons in each end zone. Many are reading into the stadium renovations, and think this could be a sign that the team is indeed staying.

The Dolphin’s stadium lease is running out in the near future, and if Sun Life stadium remains unrenovated, the team will become an ideal candidate for relocation.


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