Barkevious Mingo Helping Fellow Rookie Armonty Bryant Stay Sober

By Andrew Fisher
Barkevious Mingo
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Most Cleveland Browns‘ fans have heard the stupid tale of rookie Armonty Bryant by now. Shortly after being selected by the team this past April, Bryant went out and got himself a DUI charge. This came after several run-ins with the law back in college, so many people around the league thought he might be an early cut. Bryant was adamant that he didn’t have a ‘problem,’ but it looks like he’s finally come to grips with reality.

The rookie recently spoke out on his issues, and revealed that he’s been receiving some help from a fellow rookie along the way:

“I’ve cut out going out, I’ve stopped drinking, everything. I’ve just been sticking myself in a hotel room, me and Barkevious Mingo, that’s my roommate. He’s just been keeping me focused and just really helping me out through my situation and everything. We go out, go watch a movie, go out to dinner, just get my mind of stuff like that.”

People always say that the first step is admitting you have a problem, and Bryant has finally done that. He also mentioned that the rookie symposium has opened his eyes, and it seems like he finally realizes the gift he’s been given to be able to play professional football.

Talk is one thing, but it sounds like he’s truly trying to stay sober. You have to tip your cap to Mingo for helping him out, because support is crucial for folks trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Who knows how many chances Bryant has had in his career, but it’s safe to assume he’s down to his last one. I hope he can finally get his act together, and simply enjoy playing the game of football.


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