Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Profile: Kyle Orton

By Andrew Fisher
Kyle Orton
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

What else can you really say about Kyle Orton? He’s a reserve to one of the best jobs in American sports, he’s the Dallas Cowboys‘ backup quarterback. Orton’s situation certainly isn’t ideal, unless he’s finally made peace with being a backup for the rest of his career.

There’s only a small minority of fans who actually think he can do a better job than Tony Romo, and those fans are just a little bit crazy. Orton has been decent over his eight-year NFL career, but never good enough to really turn any heads. After stints with four different teams, his best season still remains his rookie year in 2005, when he led the Chicago Bears to 10 wins.

Over the last couple of years the veteran QB has failed to play much, but all results taken into account, he does have a 35-34 record as a starter. I think that about sums up the now 30-year old quarterback – good, but not great.

The harsh reality for the traveled QB is that most fans don’t ever want to see him grace the field in 2013. It will certainly be a bad sign if he starts a game in Big-D this year, because it would mean that Romo is injured. That’s the only way he’ll ever see the field during any meaningful minutes.

Who knows what Orton’s mindset is at this point in his career, but he’s making dang good money being the Cowboys backup. He’s due to make a whopping $10 million over his three-year deal with the team. If the unthinkable should happen to Romo in the next two seasons, Cowboys’ fans should take solace in the fact that their backup is at least capable of leading a team to the playoffs.


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