Desmond Bishop Chose Minnesota Vikings to Play Against Aaron Rodgers

By Andrew Fisher
Desmond Bishop
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Fans always read into any player’s decision to move from the Green Bay Packers to the Minnesota Vikings. The two rival teams have had several player-swaps in the past few years, and it always seems to be Packers’ players heading west to Minneapolis. Desmond Bishop became the latest player to make the move on Monday, when he agreed to a one-year deal with the Vikings. Bishop, however, is not hiding his reason for jumping to a division rival.

“And if I can get a chance to play against Aaron Rodgers, I think that right there, in itself, is a motivation. You know, you want to play against the best. When I was playing for Green Bay, the games I cherished most was playing against the Vikings because I had a chance to play against Adrian Peterson. That’s my mindset. I want to play against the best.”

So yes, he does want to compete with his former teammate, but not in a vengeful kind of way. If this is true, I can respect Bishop’s decision. I also can’t help but read into his comments further, because he could have just as easily signed in KC to play against Peyton Manning two times per year.

Regardless, the reality is that Bishop is now in direct competition with his former team for the same prize. He seems to be ultra-competitive, whatever his true intents may be. The linebacker wants to compete and win, and at it’s core, that’s what athletic competition is all about.

Green Bay clearly wasn’t sold on Bishop anymore, after he missed all of last season with a hamstring injury. He became expendable after a year off, and it just so happened that the Vikings needed another veteran linebacker. Bishop is now in a better situation for himself, but the Packers are clearly in better position to win a championship. Because of that reality, Bishop no doubt has to be torn over his release from the Packers.


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