Oakland Raiders: Starting QB Job Belongs To No One

By Jonathan Comeaux
Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports

Ron Jaworski’s scouting report suggesting a lack of arm strength from the Oakland Raiders‘ incumbent quarterback Matt Flynn shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to people in the know. However, his dead-last ranking come as a small shocker.

Jaworski notes that he “was concerned that his few deep balls lost energy on the back end. They had a tendency to die”, while suggesting that the Raiders will require an effective play-action attack to succeed with him under center. Rotoworld speculates that Flynn will only start eight games next season.

With all the drama and negative headlines coming so shortly into this offseason about the QB, no player nor fan should feel comfortable about declaring any man the dignified starter.

We’re not even at training camp yet, and mostly pessimistic news have came forth about Oakland’s QB situation. From Terrelle Pryor‘s passes looking “wobbly and off the mark” to Contra Costa Times’ reporter Steve Corkran calling the teams QB play during mini-camp “the worst” he’s seen regarding each of the three possible starters: Flynn, Pryor and Tyler Wilson, there’s not a whole lot to feel good about.

Now, it was reported by Corkran that the QB’s performance vastly improved during the next two practices. In fact, Wilson and undrafted rookie Matt McGloin have had the only positive news so far … which came in rookie mini-camp.

In my opinion, the QB position should come down to who maintains the highest possibility of creating plays.

Flynn has great accuracy and good pocket mobility, but arm strength issues could hinder his offensive performance. Predictability also comes into play. Pryor has outstanding speed but has struggled with accuracy. Coming out of college, his arm strength was listed as one of his pros, but he still needs to reveal that.

Wilson has tremendous arm strength and pocket mobility. He is a risk taker and as a rookie, he could see his risk-taking tendencies become exploited with a faulty offensive line. The only evident thing with the spot is that it’s going to be an ongoing experiment.


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