Will Tim Tebow Ever Be a Capable NFL Quarterback?

By Connor Muldowney
Tim Tebow
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow has seemingly done it all. He has won a national title with the Florida Gators, won a Heisman Trophy, got drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, earned a starting job with the Denver Broncos and led that team to the playoffs.

The fourth-year player, after a seemingly long, tough offseason job search has finally found a spot on a team. The New England Patriots are the newest home for the former college great, but will he ever get a chance to prove he can win once again with a new team?

In his previous stint with the New York Jets, Tebowmania was put on hold because of an unfortunate quarterback situation. Rex Ryan simply didn’t trust Tebow to lead his team and, in turn, the Jets suffered one of the worst seasons imaginable with Mark Sanchez at the helm.

Now that he is a Patriot, the lovable hero of many will look to turn his career around. He has been criticized by many and called out on not being a quarterback.

Does Tebow have the skills to become a capable NFL quarterback?

In my opinion, he doesn’t have the quarterbacking skills to become a starting QB in this league. He’s a proven winner and his teammates seem to love him wherever he goes. Let’s face it, the guy definitely belongs in this league, but not at the position that he would hope to play.

Is he capable of starring at quarterback? No, but he sure is an NFL-type athlete. Whether he ends up as a tight end, running back, fullback or heck, the guy could even be a linebacker, he will contribute to any team he joins. Teams would love to have him on their side of the field, but Tebow might have to realize sooner rather than later, he has a future in this league– just not at quarterback.

Although, learning from Tom Brady might help out just a bit.

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