Aaron Hernandez Arrested, Taken From Home in Handcuffs

By Jeric Griffin

After all the reports, sources and speculation, New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested early Wednesday morning, much to the relief of the dozens of news teams that have been camped outside his home in North Attleboro, Mass. for about a week. Hernandez was taken from his home in handcuffs after the body of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd was found roughly a mile from his home in an industrial park. The arrest warrant is reportedly for obstruction of justice, but Hernandez hasn’t been ruled out as a suspect in the possible murder, which was originally ruled a homicide.

The obstruction of justice charge comes from Hernandez intentionally destroying his cell phone and home security system and the two smashed items were delivered to police by his lawyer. Needless to say, that raised a red flag with the authorities, who then searched Hernandez’s home three times and conducted thorough searches in wooded areas and a pond near the house. It’s unknown for exactly what the police were searching, but it’s clear they are determined to find it.

It’s also unknown whether or not they found something that led to the inevitable arrest of Hernandez, who was told by the Patriots to stay away from the team and its facilities once the original report surfaced that he would be arrested. Now everyone will find out if Hernandez was actually involved in this bizarre case that seems to be spinning out of control.

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