Aaron Hernandez: Feels Like We've Been Here Before

By Richard Nurse

Aaron Hernandez had the blankest stare on his face as the police led him out, barely dressed, with a shirt draped over his shoulders like he was cuffed fresh out of his sleep. It was as if he didn’t expect it — at least not today. And by the way the media scrambled, I would say that they didn’t see it coming either.

Apparently everyone was caught off guard. All for the satisfaction of a perp-walk; when in reality they could have let Hernandez turn himself in like they allow millions of other suspected criminals to do every day.

But maybe they were mad about the moves that he made to insult the intelligence of the police and District Attorney.

These rare sports occurrences are the type of stories that hit the media and begin to feel like the norm. Some people will bring up Adam “Pacman” Jones. However, most will point to the cases of former wide-receiver Rae Carruth and ex-NBA player Jayson Williams, purely because of the shared stupidity of the alleged cover-up.

After the body of a semi-pro football player was found about a mile from Hernandez’s house — in a rental car that was linked to the tight end — his cell phone and security system were destroyed, only for him to be seen with the murdered man and two others on the security camera of a neighbor.

And things only got worse when he conveniently brought in a cleaning crew.

Now, as we wait for the newly released New England Patriot to be arraigned, he can look forward to his life becoming the latest version of the Truman Show.

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Richard Nurse is a columnist for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @blackirishpr.

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