Adam Jones and Maurice Clarett Were Good Choices to Speak at Rookie Symposium

By Andrew Fisher
Pacman Jones
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The troubles of Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones and Maurice Clarett are well documented. Jones has found himself in legal trouble throughout his career and even banished from the NFL for a year, while Clarett has spent three and a half years in prison and was never was able to realize his dreams. That’s why both guys were ideal candidates to speak at the league’s annual rookie symposium.

The symposium is all about awareness for rookies who don’t really know what they’re getting into. These young men are going to have lots of money and choices at their disposal, so the league tries to get them some education from the start of their careers.

Jones and Clarett are prime examples of what not to do, which makes them perfect for speaking at the annual event. Pacman was in a bit of an odd situation, given that he was just arrested less than a month ago. But, it doesn’t mean that his stories weren’t valuable to the young players.

“Guys tend to run away when they feel pressure. I had the chance to run away…I refuse to do that because the guys need to know really what is happening out there. Not what you want to hear, not the cut message. It needs to be really uncut so guys can know what guys are going through and what situations they need to stay away from,” said Jones.

Pacman reportedly told stories about wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars, among other eye-opening tales to the rookies. The knowledge he and Clarett handed down to the young players is invaluable, and it’s good to see hard times in the past, turned into lesson’s for the future.


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