Bill Belichick Might Have Drafted a Murderer: Is His Legacy Tainted?

Bill Belichick looks on

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

A hooded sweatshirt and a crooked smile can only hide so much.

In the case of Bill Belichick, a few headlines that we have recently swept under the rug are starting to rear their ugly heads. The New England Patriots‘ head coach is in trouble of having his highly-touted legacy tarnished forever. For years, Belichick has been heralded as an NFL guru, but since “Spygate” the Pats’ frontman only has put egg on his face.

I understand that Aaron Hernandez is responsible for himself. However, Belichick should be blamed for bringing in a man who is apparently gruesome enough to take someone else’s life — Hernandez was charged with murder on Wednesday. If you’re going to commend New England for snagging Tom Brady in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, then it’s only fair to hammer them for drafting Hernandez in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

So, stop babying the Pats and giving Belichick a pass simply because he won back-to-back Super Bowls over a decade ago.

Right now, the troubling facts are starting to overshadow the coach’s witty and unconventional coaching style. For example, the aforementioned Spygate scandal passed over Foxborough without as much as a slap on the wrist and now the Pats’ coach is getting left off of the hook in terms of Hernandez.

Feel free to grill Hernandez for his actions, but don’t let Patriots management ride its high horse without calling Belichick out for his lack of judgement.

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  • Garrett Towry Swanson

    you have got to be kidding me…… Belichick or no coach would have known that Hernandez would do what he has done.

    • Phil Naegely


    • jack_sprat2

      It’s almost as if these tools are so jealous of what he has accomplished that they’ve awarded him God-like powers in their own green-tinted minds.

  • jack_sprat2

    Nobody “commends” BB for drafting Brady; he has publicly stated that they had no idea what they had in him then, else they surely wouldn’t have let him slip that far down. Likewise, none of this sticks to BB, either. It’s not as if AH were the first banger in the NFL, nor did the Pats sweep anything under the rug. Aside from his regrettable lack of clairvoyance–that’s a joke, son–neither Bill (nor Kraft) have anything to apologize to anyone about, in re Hernandez. Heck, they may even have done the victim’s survivors a mitzvah. Because they DID release him before any conviction, there may be several millions of dollars for them to win in civil court.

    • Farva55

      Hernandez is an idiot. Whether he did it or not, he was involved. Lock him up and throw away the key. The Patriots are a classy org to release a guy that talented after he was arrested. The Cowboys probably would have extended his contract 8 years.

  • Brian

    No way. How is someone supposed to guess that a guy in the NFL would go off and kill someone

    • SportsGenius705


  • SportsGenius705

    I think suggesting that this is the Patriots fault is a little mis-guided. The PAtriots or Bellchick himself couldnt’ get in Hernandez’s head and follow him around. He was given the chance to be a man and be a good person…he and he alone failed. The Patriots are still one of the best organizaitons in football.

  • Jeff Shull

    Definitely not the fault of the Patriots. You can’t forecast MURDER off of a few failed drug tests.

    • Brett R

      AGREED. Some guys are just thugs…it’ll happen again.

  • Devin O’Barr

    Once again, Belichick gets a pass. I’m guessing everyone here is going to defend him for Spygate as well, right?

    • SportsGenius705

      Get off your high horse. Must be a Ravens fan. Suggesting the Patriots or Belichick could forecast first degree murder is ridiculous.

  • Devin O’Barr

    Hardly a Ravens fan. However, why does Belichick seem to have this halo above his head? His job is to control a locker room. That includes keeping trouble makers — although they are All-Pro’s — in line.

    • SportsGenius705

      You don’t get it, and you aren’t going to JR. Hernandez was a man who made his own decisions. The Patriots have a set of rules and expect everyone to obey them. If they don’t, they’re thrown out of the nest. Did you ever disobey your parents when you were 13 or 14 when they trusted you? Same situation. Should your parents have known you were going to disobey before hand? Of course not. They TRUSTED you to make the right decisions. Same with Hernandez.


  • Patrick Dunn

    This Guy’s pre-draft report was swept under the rug,some said he was a ticking time bomb, snaps quickly and outta control. Wasn’t on a majority of draft boards, Belichick and NE’s. Arrogance enabled a pattern killer they gave a psychopath 40 million dollars and pretend he was a model citizen, they need to be investigated on their decision making and knowledge of this guys character

    • SportsGenius705

      Give me a break. Keep looking in that crystal ball. Can you let us know when the apocalypse is? Grow up.

  • captaindandan

    What kind of stupid-ass question is that? Was the head coach or owner of the Falcons in trouble because they drafted future felon Michael Vick? Hell, no. It’s not anybody’s fault that Hernandez turned out to have a REAL dark, murderous (allegedly) side.
    So which ever media clown asked the question: GO pound sand, a-hole.


    • Farva55

      Captain Dan Dan touches himself to the thought of Tim Tebow, shirtless, in the rain.

  • glen metcalfe

    what kind of garbage talk is this! Where do these hairball reporters get this crap! Im a lifelong fan of DA BEARS,but bill is one of the very best EVER!

    • Devin O’Barr

      Could you explain to me what you’re so upset about? Amid your rambling I couldn’t find anything worthwhile — enlighten me.