Dennis Pitta Over Aaron Hernandez: Baltimore Ravens Chose Wisely

By Dan Abeshouse
Aaron Hernandez
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as I heard about all the allegations and charges with now former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, I thought it would be a great idea to write a piece on how my team, the Baltimore Ravens were wise and maybe a little lucky to end up with Dennis Pitta over Hernandez. Of course as I was checking my Twitter feed I saw that my colleague Wola Odeniran had already written something similar, and you can read his piece here.


After much deliberation I decided to go ahead and do my article anyway because as soon I thought about this from the Ravens’ perspective I immediately thought of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. And whenever I can mix Indiana Jones and the NFL, well, that’s a good thing.


At the end of the movie Indiana and the villain Donovan are in the cave with the Holy Grail, which is hidden in with many fake grails. The old knight who was the protector of the Grail said, ” Choose wisely for the Grail will give life, but the wrong one will take it from you.” Donovan’s companion, Dr. Schneider, picked a grail for him. Donovan scoops water into the grail, drinks, and dies in spectacular fashion. ” He chose poorly,” said the old knight. Indiana of course picks the right grail. “You’ve chosen wisely,” says the old knight.


Let’s not get too crazy, though, as Pitta isn’t exactly the Holy Grail and the Patriots aren’t going to turn in to a rotting corpse, but can you all see the parallels here? The Patriots chose first and chose poorly, not that they could have seen something like this coming. The Ravens, on the other hand, now have a legit top tight end, and Pitta’s stock continues to go up every year. Oh wise old knight, do you have something to say to the Ravens? “You’ve chosen wisely.” My sentiments exactly, wise old knight.
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