Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles Ready To Prove He Can Win Starting Quarterback Job

By Sonny Bryan
Nick Foles
Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

Now with a full season under his belt, Philadelphia Eagles second year quarterback Nick Foles will be doing whatever it takes to win the starting job.

Foles has a lot of tools you look for in a quarterback. He’s got size, arm strength, intelligence, and leadership. He’s a guy who can throw with some zip and anticipation while acting cool and relaxed under pressure. However, he lacks the speed and athleticism that leave some questions under Chip Kelly’s offense and may give Michael Vick the advantage to win the starting job.  Yet this shouldn’t be the deciding factor on naming who the quarterback will be.

Right now it’s hard to see what kind of offense Kelly will use, but Foles does have a few things to work with. The number one quality he has is his arm strength. He can stand tall in the pocket and deliver a strike anywhere on the field. His accuracy is something he needs to work on, however in this league you need to have something to work with and build on and his rocket arm is probably his biggest strength.

From watching film from the 2012 season, Foles’ accuracy is something he needs to improve on. He has spotty accuracy that will get him in trouble from time to time. Foles has a gunslinger mentality that sometimes can lead to an impressive play or a disaster. But from the looks of OTAs, Foles looks sharp and is improving on his accuracy, however there are no pads on, so we need to wait until training camp to get a good look at him.

I have to say that Foles did have a solid rookie season. He ended the year with 1,699 yards, a 60.8 completion percentage, six passing touchdowns, one rushing touchdown, and five interceptions in seven games. Now these aren’t eye-popping numbers, but I have to give him credit with the team that he had to play with. When Foles took over the starting job, the team was an absolute disaster. Most of his starting offensive line and receiver corps was injured and the defense was too pathetic to even watch. Foles did all he could with what he had and arguably outperformed Vick. Foles has shown flashes of potential and can probably develop into a good quarterback if Kelly works with him.

I don’t think people understand how serious Kelly is about the quarterback situation. Many people believe Vick will start just because of his speed and experience, but if Foles outperforms Vick in training camp and the preseason then be prepared for Kelly to name Foles the starter.

Only time will tell who will be crowned the starter, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Foles is under center week one.

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