Arizona Cardinals' Rookie Robert Gill Runs 25 Mph on Treadmill

By Andrew Fisher
Robert Gill
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Most fans probably haven’t heard of Arizona Cardinals‘ rookie Robert Gill for his work on the football field. After spending time playing indoor football over the past five years, Gill was finally offered an NFL contract by the Cardinals this spring. It’s not often you see 29-year old rookies in the league, by that’s exactly what Gill is. The reason he was given a three-year contract by the Cardinals without ever playing an NFL game? Blazing speed.

Gill has been clocked as low as 4.1 in the 40-yard dash before, and Arizona made no bones about it when they signed him. They told him that he simply has one of the things you just can’t coach – speed.

So before Gill has even had a chance to realize his NFL dreams, he’s already gone viral. Check out this crazy treadmill video to see just how fast the WR really is:

I’m going to estimate that about 99% of the rest of us, would have fallen flat on our faces. While he’s not really running 25 mph, his body is able to briefly keep up with a speed that humans don’t normally touch.

The video is amazing, but I found Gill’s story to be even more intriguing. This guy was a track star that failed to make it in the CFL, and then one day back in 2009, he met Cardinals’ scout Josh Scobey at an NFL tryout. Scobey took notice right away of Gill’s amazing speed, but he didn’t call him back until this year.

Who knows if Gill will actually make it onto the field this season, but with his blazing speed, most are expecting new head coach Bruce Arians to find a way to get him the ball.


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