Did Odin Lloyd Know Information About Aaron Hernandez Possibly Being Connected to A Double Murder From 2012?

By Dan Parzych
Aaron Hernandez
(Pool Photo/USA Today Sports)

It’s been a crazy last two days for former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez as he was charged on Wednesday for first-degree murder along with five counts of gun possession in connection to the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd. When Hernandez was arrested early Wednesday morning, it seemed like he would be charged with obstruction of justice after the tight end destroyed his cell phone along with his home security system as police continued to investigate the case after Lloyd’s body was found less than a mile from Hernandez’s house last week.

Details are still coming in when it comes to the reasons behind Lloyd’s death, but an interesting theory emerged on Thursday as police linked Hernandez as a possible suspect to a double murder that took place in downtown Boston during July 2012.

Three men were shot after leaving a bar on July 16, 2012 when an SUV pulled up with Rhode Island license plates pulled off and fired shots into the vehicle–leaving two of those men dead. While there’s no official link to Hernandez being involved just yet, the idea is being thrown around about the possibility of Lloyd knowing information about the double murder–which could have played a reason in Hernandez’s actions.

Obviously, this is nothing but a theory at this point and there’s no reason to believe this is exactly the case, but it is certainly interesting to think about. Either way, this whole thing with Hernandez is one of the craziest stories sports has ever seen and it will be interesting to see what details emerge over the next couple of days.

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