Releasing Josh Brent is the Right Thing To Do for Dallas Cowboys

By Jake Carapella

Following the arrest of former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez yesterday, his former team wasted no time in cutting him. That statement says that not only will the Patriots not employ players of such character, but also that they have no business entertaining the potential distractions that would come with him still being on the roster.

With Josh Brent, the Dallas Cowboys should do the exact same thing.

Brent, who last December drove drunk and killed teammate Jerry Brown, was arrested and jailed Thursday following his second failed drug test. Couple this with his late 2012 arrest as the one responsible for Brown’s death and it is now time for him to be shown the door the same way Hernandez was yesterday.

Brent, once upon a time, was the talented, young Cowboys defensive tackle, the next potential Pro Bowler on their defensive line. But last December’s events changed that, and Brent’s football career is now the least of his worries. It is why the Cowboys should rid themselves of him, and let him focus on dealing with his personal life. Football is certainly not in his future, and his employer should do the right thing, both football wise and personally, and release him.

From a personal standpoint, it would allow Brent to deal with his personal matters and just enable him to singularly focus on pulling his life back together.

From a football standpoint, it allows the Cowboys to wash their hands of yet another troubled player, a scene that has been all too common for them in recent years – think Tank Johnson and Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Football though, and the NFL, should not be the singular focus. But because Brent is still on the roster, all of the attention and press will be about the Cowboys.

It shouldn’t be that way.

Last December, Brent killed not just his teammate and friend, but a son, sibling, and potential husband and father. The football side of it should be secondary. From the start, the focus should have been on the family of Brown, not “what’s next for the Dallas Cowboys?”. When things like this happen, it puts life in perspective and puts sports in the backseat.

It’s only right that they get rid of Brent – who clearly has bigger problems to deal with now then knowing whether or not he should attack the “A” or “B” gap – and let the family of Jerry Brown have their peace and not have to be in the press.

It’s just the right thing to do.


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