Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Deep Down is Tim Tebow a Cowboys Fan?

By Jesus Flores
Tim Tebow
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

As if things couldn’t get more hectic in New England, quarterback Tim Tebow admitted that he is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

Tebow said he became a fan of the team because of former University of Florida great and the NFL’s All-Time Leading Rusher, Emmitt Smith.

“I was actually a Dallas Cowboys fan,” Tebow said. “I love the University of Florida. I love the Gators. I love Emmitt, and Emmitt Smith went on to be a Cowboy, so I always followed the Cowboys.”

Tebow said he loved watching Smith play, but never had the chance to meet his hero, until the national championship game his junior year. Tebow said he sat down and took his helmet off, and it rolled away. The next thing he saw was his icon.

“I see Emmitt Smith with my helmet,” Tebow said. “He sticks it in my chest and says, ‘Go get them. You’ve got 20 more minutes. Finish this thing.’”

In case the haters needed another reason to hate on Tebow, there it is; He is a Cowboys fan. I must say that his reason for being a fan is a good one though. Heck, I’m a Cowboys fan because of Emmitt Smith as are thousands of other Cowboys fans.

As a long-time Cowboys fan, it must have been pretty heartbreaking, for Tebow, to hear the audio of from a drunken Jerry Jones bashing him and former Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells. Where, if you recall, Jones blatantly stated that he would have considered drafting Tebow only for the jersey sales because he’d never see the field.

“He’d never get on the field,” Jones said. “I can’t get him out there. I can’t get him out there.”

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