Mario Williams' Jab at Aaron Hernandez is No Big Deal

By Andrew Fisher
Mario Williams
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all seen some Aaron Hernandez humor on social media over the last few days. Even when it comes to charges of first-degree murder, there’s no shortage of people coming up with witty one-liners and jabs directed at the incarcerated former tight end. One such person who made a post in regards to Hernandez, is none other than Buffalo Bills‘ defensive lineman Mario Williams.

Via Instagram, Williams posted this photo (which had been floating around the internet):

As a result of the post, many people have lashed out at Williams, saying that his post was ill-timed and inappropriate. While I understand the concerns – is the photo really that big of a deal? If you want to be technical, the card really only implies that Hernandez steals cars, which clearly isn’t the case. But we all know that it’s more of a broad shot at the tight end, basically calling him a criminal.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Hernandez is a criminal, so I don’t really see the harm in stating the obvious. At minimum, the former tight end is going to jail, it’s now just a matter of how long he stays there. I have no pity for people like that, so if Williams wants to post a funny photo involving him, fine by me. Screw Hernandez, no one should feel sorry for him.

Williams was probably best served to stay quiet on the issue, but what he did was no big deal. If his posting of a photo with an alleged murderer on it offends you, I don’t understand why. Williams has hurt no one but himself with his decision.


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